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Commitment to Quality Improvement

We would like to share some of our ongoing findings with you.

  1. Our latest surveys show a 99.5% satisfaction rate with our services.
  2. 96.2% of those completing a counseling appointment expect your financial situation to improve as a result of the counseling.
  3. 91.2% felt less stressed as a result of their counseling appointment.
  4. 99.5% of those using our services find our fees fair.
  5. 98.1% of those attending our education programs thought the materials were helpful and learned something that they could use from the program.  
  6. 100% of those attending our education programs would recommend our programs to others
  7. 96.8%% of clients using the Debt Management Program feel they are making progress towards their financial goals.

We value your input. Please feel free to contact us at with your thoughts and suggestions on ways we can continue to improve our services.

Updated from 2016 surveys. 

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