NFCC Member, HUD Approved, COA accredited, United Way of the Black Hills Member agency, HERO approved provider

We are here to support the FINANCIAL wellness of every person in our community.

All appointments are currently by telephone

We can answer questions by phone and email, however, if you would be interested in a face-to-face appointment for a full financial review please click here.

It can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Finding the right expert is important when there are so many predatory services on the Internet. Our counselors are NFCC and HUD certified and non-judgmental. They understand your fears and struggles and can answer your questions. We have been serving the community for over 45 years. We are your local, trusted source for help.

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Black Hills is a non-profit and here to help you find the best path forward to financial wellness.

We are an accredited agency and uphold a rigorous code of ethics and maintain high standards requiring counselor certification, fiscal integrity, and volunteer Board governance. Our affiliations include:

  • Council on Accreditation
  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling
  • HUD –approved Housing Counseling Agency
  • South Dakota H.E.R.O (Homeownership Education Resource Organization) Provider
  • United Way agency in Rapid City, Sturgis, and Northern Hills
  • Rapid City Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau
  • SD Native Homeownership Coalition
  • South Dakota Retailers

Why People Choose Us

certified counselors

We have Certified Consumer Credit Counselors who work with you in developing a personalized Financial Action Plan that results in positive and lasting solutions and helps you reach your goals. We have a variety of programs to offer ranging from debt management, financial counseling, housing counseling and bankruptcy.

qualified educators

We have financial education classes, pre-purchase home buying classes and more taught by our well-trained educators. Our educators are certified through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

proven track record

We have been serving individuals and families for over 45 years.

We have provided counseling for over 45,502 families and provided education classes for over 86,227 individuals.

We have returned $58,267,124.98 back to the community on behalf of our Debt Management Clients.

Our latest surveys show a 100% satisfaction rate with our services.


Frustrated and Overwhelmed?

Does the uncertainty of our economy due to COVID 19 have you stressed out? Is unemployment, increased day care costs, and increased food costs, stretching your budget beyond reason? Do you have a plan on how to address all your deferrals when they become due? Wondering what best steps you can take now to protect your family finances?

CCCS of the Black Hills has trained counselors that can help you find the best path forward. To visit with a counselor is free of charge. Appointments are available by phone. Many people have never been in a situation like this, using up their savings and wondering how they will pay their bills. It is hard to know what are the best steps to take when things go wrong. Our trained and certified counselors can help.

How can CCCS of the Black Hills help you?

  • Questions about the mortgage forbearance process?
  • Wondering what will happen at the end of your forbearance?
  • Questions on the paperwork you signed?
  • Has your servicer been less than cooperative?
  • Struggling to pay your rent and wondering what your options are?
  • Wondering how a deferral affects your credit score?
  • Wondering how to handle mounting credit card debt?
  • How will you pay all your bills and expenses?
  • Can you tell a scam from legitimate help?

Many of the deferrals put in place by the CARES Act and from your lenders have expired or will be expiring soon.

Visit with our HUD and NFCC Certified Counselors to review your options. We will provide you accurate advice on what is best for your specific situation. Whether you are struggling with housing issues, medical debt, credit cards, budgeting, we can assist you. An appointment is free of charge so there’s no reason to delay.

Do not let the uncertainty of today’s environment paralyze you from taking the steps you need to now. Call us today at 800-568-6615 or 348-4550.

Do you know South Dakotans who are struggling to pay their rent, mortgage or utilities?

South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) may be able to help.

Potential applicants can visit to verify eligibility requirements and to begin the application process.


We are committed to the financial wellness of every person in our community. We believe that education – at any age- is the key to making positive, informed financial decisions for yourself and your family. We know that managing finances can sometimes be overwhelming and we are here to help.

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Picture of Amy Feiock


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Amy was just 23 years old when she came to CCCS of the Black Hills. Her relationship with her significant other ended. She thought it ended on good terms. Then she found out the debt was in her name and all her responsibility. She had to move back home - and moved in with her Dad.

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Carolyn found herself divorced, with small children and most all of the debt. She was frustrated, angry, but mostly scared.

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“After my last divorce I was depressed, and I ended up maxing out my credit cards. I thought I would end up filing for bankruptcy. But I didn’t feel good about it."

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Todd A. Schweiger is an attorney and is the current Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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Dave Semerad was a board member of Consumer Credit Counseling for 20 years.

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Black Hills (CCCS/BH) was established as a non-profit agency in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1974 to help people in our community and the surrounding area overcome their financial obstacles, achieve their financial goals, and improve the quality of their lives. We have provided immediate debt relief to consumers for more than 40 years. We serve South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming.

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